Friday, January 22, 2010

The Final Robotic Push of January

Hello everyone, first I want to say thank you all so much for the support.

Recently there's been  rather unprecedented changes in this months competition which is not only surprising to me (as a second time Zuda competitor) but to all of you NewBotians.  Commenting on the nature of the conflict seems to be rather counter productive.

This Competition has been hard and sometimes way too personal.  It should always just be about making great comics and I want to take this opportunity right now to thank all of my fans and supporters who have encouraged me to stick with it and not throw in the towel when when the comments became less than pleasant.

I want to say that my second time competing at Zuda has been a fantastic experience that, despite everything else, I've learned a great deal from.  The community here is so great about supporting creators like myself and that shows me the strength of Zuda not only as a place to see new and exciting material but also as a chance to reach an active and engaged set of awesome fans.  I just want to make a good comic and partnering with Zuda is a great way to bring readers just like you great new comics. Thank you.

Now, there's only 9 comics in this last week of the competition and that is certainly a new situation for all of us regular Zuda fans. 

So I say let's let the politics go and let us all vote our conscience.  Let us cast our votes for the comic that will fill out the Zuda catalog better than the rest.

Vote for what you want to read and what Zuda does not already have but, more importantly, vote for what you want.  Or, my suggestion, Vote for NewBot!

Thank you all so much. 

Chuck Harrison
January 2010


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  1. Online voting contests are RARELY fair...been there! Hope the NewBot emerges victorious, Chuck!