Sunday, January 17, 2010

NewBot Vinyl Figure Contest Version 2.0!

Hello all!

Congratulations go out to Crispy of AZ. for winning our first NewBot Vinyl Figure Contest!  But due to alot of emails and messages I've decided to hold a second contest.  So yes, one of you will win a one of a kind, hand painted, life size NewBot figure by me, chuckHarrison.

And I've even made it easier this time...Here is what you have to do...

Go to Zuda and VOTE, ADD TO FAVORITES & RATE NewBot. If you've already done so awesome, if not please follow these three steps...

1.Go to and click the SIGN UP button in the upper right hand corner.

2. Enter a screen name, your name and an email address.

3.Check your email and follow the instructions provided!  And there you go.


YOU ONLY NEED 10 (not 20!) of your friends, family or co-workers/school mates to do the same thing.  It's that simple.  When they Vote all they need to do is one of two things:

they can either place a comment below the NewBot comic saying that YOU (meaning your ZUDA screen name) SENT THEM

or they can email me @ telling me that you sent them along with their ZUDACOMICS.COM SCREEN NAME. 

Your friends/family/co-workers/school mates must Vote for the NewBot and add him to their favorites list in order to have them qualify as one of your 10.

Whoever can get ten people first wins! 

Now is the time to act NewBotians.  The end of January is neigh and our little robotic friend really needs your love and support to push him over the edge so his adventures can be shared with the world!  A nice picture of the prize is below, a prize that one of you will undoubtly recieve in your mail box.

The best of luck to all!  NewBot loves you!

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