Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Words and pictures of a robotic nature.

Hello again Humanoids!

The NewBot would like to share with you MORE reviews and fan art.

He has recently been mentioned on The Guy's Perspective here

& on the awesome (NSFW) radio pod cast PAPA show here.

And for some oldies but goodies you can view Bryy's review here  & mpd57's review here.

New fan art includes new pieces by both Paul and Chris as well as Bryy's 'Zuda class of Jan 2010' piece, check them out (as well as everyone else's) below!
Bryy Miller

*Art has been removed until a slight issue can be resolved involving Bryy, myself and 3!ll of the Thunder Chickens.

Grace Ahmed

Chris Harrison
















Paul McKinney


















Colby Sunshine









Carolyn Pile











Danny Kelly


How amazing are those?!  The NewBot feels so loved right now and you are all part of it!  Thank you so much!

And, if any of you would like to write some words or draw some pictures please email them to and the NewBot will be sure to put them on his wall next to his bed where he recharges.  

The Robotic revolution is now!  0010010100111001011010111001101110001101110

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